Boundary plants

Small plants in the border between a grass path and a polytunnel

Big Root Cranesbill (Geranium macrrorhizum) in a border by the polytunnel

Thick, clumping boundary plants prevent grass paths creeping in to borders

Grass makes a cheap and durable path but will creep into borders if they’re not well established or don’t have dense growth.

As an extra barrier, I often line grass paths with clumping boundary plants to stop ‘Grass Creep’.

Here are some suggested plants:

Big Root Cranesbill varities recommended by Penlan Perennials:

  • Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Bevans Variety’, 45cm tall, spread 1m. Evergreen, flowers May-October.
  • G. macrorrhizum ‘Dreamland’, 50cm x 50cm, flowers May-September.
  • G. macrorrhizum ‘Mavis Simpson’ 25cm x 90cm, evergreen.