Realtime Workshop

Small front forest garden with text 'Realtime Workshop'

Free forest garden evening workshop

A realtime workshop on the first Monday evening of every month, where you can learn about how to create a wildlife friendly, edible and low maintenance forest garden.

No matter the size of your plot, you can provide habitat and food for yourself and for wildlife by creating a sustainable, gently managed ecosystem.

The session is divided into two parts: a 50 minute livestreamed public lecture, 10 minutes public Q&A on the chat, and then a private, 40 minute Zoom seminar.

  1. Plan β€” Observations, measurements, wishlists, map and design
  2. Canopy β€” Protection, windbreaks, structures, canopy layer
  3. Cultivate β€” Ground preparation, shrubs and ground cover

Slides always freely available 😍

As well as a Zoom invite link and password, Zoom attendees will also receive an invite to the Telegram forest garden group, a friendly group of like minded souls.

Both the livestream and the Zoom seminar are free, although you do have to register for the Zoom link. Donations gracefully received if you can afford it πŸ™‚


β€œI love this course; well presented, thorough and accessible to beginners as well those with more experience!”
~ Kirsty Hayhoe, June 2021

β€œI’ve just done the first of the Forest Gardening sessions and found it really informative, with a helpful zoom chat afterwards for raising questions relating to my own projects”
~ Sophie Dawson, June 2021