Purple allium flower

Elephant Garlic flower by Daniel Pacurici


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  • Purple allium flower Elephant garlic flower by Daniel Pacurici c14h3r on Wikimedia Commons.

  • Wood chip green front garden with raised beds Front forest garden by Dr Carole Kirk, used with kind permission

  • Bank of Ox-eye Daisy Daisies by Chris Lovelock-Featherstone, used with kind permission

  • Artichoke flower Artichoke by Rob, used with kind permission

  • Bumblebee hovering below purple flower Columbine by Roo72 on Wikimedia Commons

  • Conifers in field, mountains behind Landscape by Simon, used with kind permission

  • Autumn woodland Woodland by Simon, used with kind permission

  • Sweet Chestnut nuts on tree Sweet Chestnut by Darkone on Wikimedia Commons

  • Beds with flowers in front of shed at back of house Hedgerows photos by Kirsty, used with kind permission

  • Yellow autumn tree leaves backlit Field Maple by Balles2601 on Wikimedia Commons

  • Pink pea flowers Everlasting Pea by Jacques Rocquet on Wikimedia Commons

  • Close-up of purple flower spike against dark background Hedge Woundwort by Danny S on Wikimedia Commons