Hand holding plant label curled around small branch

This label has been in place on the Victoria Plum for two years now.

These nifty plant labels keep on expanding with a growing branch, and are easy to make from old plastic milk bottles.

I used to tie ordinary plant labels to tree branches with bits of baling twine. But they’re ugly, flap about and don’t expand with the thickening branch.

So, I cut up long strips of old plastic milk bottles, stuck a label printed out from my labelling machine and then curled the plastic like you would a present ribbon with scissors.

Scissors and homemade labels on wooden worktop

Creating recycled ever-expanding plant labels is pretty simple.

Members of my family poke fun at me for having a dedicated plant labeller but the labels last indefinitely, unlike permanent (sic) ink or pencil.

I’ve tried this method out on a Victoria Plum, and the label has kept its shape for a good couple of years now 🙂.