Sketch of 3 curved beds, getting higher to the back

Forest garden practicality & loose Georgian elegance

Set on a gently sloping, West-facing rear garden, Georgian presents a real opportunity to showcase native wild flowers and forest garden plants in an almost formal setting. The garden can be divided into four areas: the well-defined ‘Sunbowl’ of tapered vegetation forming a natural amphitheatre, the curved perennial vegetable beds to the West defined by the existing path, the orchard along the North boundary and the woodland fire pit to the East.

CAD plan showing whole garden

Complete CAD plan

The Sunbowl provides a natural suntrap, a place to demonstrate the diversity and crossover of native and forest garden plants, and also a way of providing discreet access across the garden, through the semi-circular beds.

CAD plan showing circular beds

Detail of CAD design showing ‘Sunbowl’ planting plan

The suggested planting plan for the Sunbowl beds are a mix of deciduous and semi-evergreen shrubs, from the petite Aronia x prunifolia ‘Viking’ to the statuesque Saskatoon and Guelder Rose at the back, mixing in native Dogwood and Privet along the way.

Spikey Globe Artichoke flower

Globe Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is gorgeously architectural and edimental

The second bed contains the architectural Globe Artichoke at the back, flanked by Meadowsweet and Ox-eye Daisy, with a bank of Knapweed and Ice Plant sedum tapering down to Sweet Cicely, Yarrow and Lamb’s Ear.

The third and lowest bed is home to English Lavender, a carpet of Maiden Pink and possibly Sea Holly.

A forest garden can readily incorporate ornamental elements that echo and complement the surroundings

There are half a dozen established apple trees in the rest of the garden, supplemented by Asian Pear, Apple Serviceberry, Medlar and Autumn Olive.

White Medlar blossom and dark green leaves

The quietly ornamental Medlar (Mespilus germanica), with beautiful blossom & glossy green leaves

Across the mini-windbreak row of various currants and into the curved beds of the perennial veg area, low evergreen ground cover of Nepalese Raspberry and Taiwanese Bramble allow a variety of perennial vegetables to grow through, whilst suppressing weeds.

To the East of the garden, sheltered from the prevailing westerlies by the Sunbowl shrubs, there is a woodland area planted up around the existing circular firepit.