New rear garden, seating in corner, wooden fencing around

Wildlife woodland garden on a budget

The garden is in a tricky situation, at the bottom of some stairs, northeast facing, with brick walls behind and tall fencing on the outside.

The client wanted a wildlife woodland garden, with native wild flowers, edibles and ornamentals. However, the budget was limited, so I pegged out a design with bamboo and string, took some photos from above and created a loose design in CAD.

CAD design overlay on photo

Loose CAD design based around string and bamboo layout, photo taken from above!

The client responded magnificently, levelling the garden with hardcore, installing the paths, putting in the edging and bringing in topsoil. The garden has been absolutely transformed in a very short time.

This is the garden six months on, incredible the amount of growth already.

Small garden with brick walls on each side, fence on the other, curved beds with establishing plants

Within six months, many of the plants are getting established quickly

And this is how the garden looked at the outset.

Bare fenced back yard with mud and weeds

Lots of Dock, very damp soil

Landscaped back yard with paths and beds

Weeds removed, hardcore foundations, paths, espalier trees and flower beds planted!

There are Blueberry bushes at the entrance, an espalier Plum tree on the southeast facing wall and esaplier Apples on the northeast wall. There are also a beatiful range of hostas and ferns planted in the shady bed by the fence.

The garden looks quite magical already. Even the Apple trees are blossoming!

Close-up of apple blossom against brick wall

The espalier Apple tree is blossoming already

Hostas and ferns in new curvy bed

Hostas and ferns in the shady bed