Pale blue flower against white wall

Low-maintenance holiday garden

The original design was for curved herb and wild flower beds, providing shelter and screening for a hot tub, barbeque and green roof seating area. A water bowl and semicircular beds on the the balustrade provided additional planting and intimacy to the space.

CAD garden design

Detail on hot tub, barbecue and seating area

Unfortunately, the builder pulled out of construction. The remaining beds are by the front door, the patio wall and the gable end.

Water bowl on a stump in a garden bed

Steel water bowl, focus of a circular bed

There is no water bowl alas, but I have taken the opportunity to plant up the available beds with a mixture of wild flowers and forest garden plants. These include Everlasting Pea, Field Scabious, Self Heal, Hyssop and Creeping Thyme by the house.

Pink Everlasting Pea flowers

UK native Everlasting Pea (Lathyrus latifolia), perennial climber

In the gable end bed, there’s a beautiful ‘James Galway’ climbing rose, above Iberian Comfrey, Solomon’s Seal, Hosta sieboldiana and a smörgåsbord of other native and ornamental flowers.

Pink rose

Rose 'James Galway' in full swing

At the foot of the patio wall, there is a curved bed by the track. There are three adjacent climbers leading from the sun into the shade: a Wisteria ‘Issai Perfect’, a nativar honeysuckle ‘Belgica’, and another nativar, Ivy ‘Buttercup’.

Front wall bed, mulched with bark

Beds at the foot of the patio wall

The flowers in the bed include Beach Strawberry ground cover, Chives, Yarrow, white Foxglove, Ice Plant sedum and Hedge Woundwort.

Close-up of purple flower spike against dark background

Hedge Woundwort, an understated UK native, fantastic pollinator plant, flowers July-August

A low-maintenance mixture of wild flower, ornamental and edibles for a Welsh holiday cottage

For a future stage of landscaping, I designed a low-maintenance forest garden for the back of the house.

CAD forest garden design

Forest garden design for the sloping rear garden