Illustration comparing different rootstock heights in relation to person

Rootstocks explained illustration, I think from Johnstown Garden Centre

Fruit varities are grafted on rootstocks, which determine the trees height and vigour. This is a quick reference for the different rootstocks available.

A roostock is the well developed root system on which you graft a known fruiting variety. The rootstock you choose determines the height, diameter and vigour of the tree. As a rule of thumb, you only need to stake semi-dwarfing and smaller rootstocks.

This is the best rootstock diagram that I’ve found, from Johnstown Garden Centre

  • Very dwarf 1.5m-2m
    • Apple: M27
  • Dwarf 1.8m-2.5m
    • Apple: M9
    • Pear: Quince C
    • Cherry: Gisela 5
  • Semi dwarf 2.2m-3m
    • Apple: M26
    • Apricot: Torinel
    • Plum: Pixy, VVA-1
  • Medium 2.5m-4m
    • Apple: M116
  • Semi-vigorous 2.5m-4.5m
    • Apple: MM106
    • Pear: Quince A
    • Plum: St Julien A
    • Cherry: Colt
  • Vigorous 3.5m-4.5m
    • Apple: MM111
    • Pear: Pyrodwarf
  • Very vigorous 4.5m+
    • Apple: M25
    • Pear: Pyrus communis, Pyrus Kirchensaller
    • Cherry: F.12.1
    • Plum: Brompton, Myrobolan

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