Top 10 perennial veg

Green florets on cabbagey plant

Flowering Sea Kale, photo by UnconventionalEmma on Flickr

Inspired by Backyard Larder, Incredible Vegetables and Martin Crawford, here’s my ‘it could change at any moment’ top 10 perennial veg

  1. Caucasian Spinach
  2. Day Lillies
  3. Welsh Onion
  4. Garden Sorrel
  5. Good King Henry
  6. Perennial Kale
  7. Perennial Leek
  8. Siberian Purslane
  9. Turkish Rocket
  10. Wild Garlic

Big thank you to Alison Tindale at Backyard Larder for some great plants, profiles and photos, to Martin Crawford for writing Creating a Forest Garden, to Mandy Barber at Incredible Vegetables for the inspiration, and to Stephen Barstow for his unrelenting exploration of all things edimental.

Any suggestions for your favourite perennial veg, please email me